Change your words,
change your mind.

Change your mind,
change your life.


Welcome to Swagger & Co. We’re a ‘words-matter’ kind of company. There’s enough bad news in the world today, so we believe it’s time for all of us to start seeing and hearing something different.  


For that to happen, we all need to start broadcasting something different … something good, something that puts a little swagger back into our step.  Let's change the narrative for good & help one another along the way.  That's why we're donating 10% of sales to support mental health charities.


Got a personal motto you want to share? If your words are 'on swagger' we'll create a limited edition Tshirt as part of our design collab collection.  The best part is when someone buys your Tshirt, you get paid!  Let's do a design collaboration together.  


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